Whale Zombie’s inclusion of psychedelic, siren-like wails and noises and emphasis on surf-rock style bass and drums seems to justify the group’s name sufficiently. Lute introduces a second probable opus. Dodd builds steady chords up the fretboard which dissipate into recumbent chorus that screeches into dramatic, halted pauses, whining bass carrying vaguely beneath it.   – ACRN

In April and May of 2010 I spent 40 hours in Ohio University’s MDIA Studio recording Whale Zombie. I had known Chris Lute, their drummer, for several years; he handled album’s final mix while I handled recording and production behind the studio’s Neve 5088 using Logic Pro.

I worked with the band Animal Magazine to record their first full-length album in my home studio with Logic Pro. A make-shift isolation booth served as vocal booth and ISO room for the guitar amp while drums were multitracked outside. Joel, the band’s drummer, handled the vocals and final mix down.