Tape Syncs

  • Kit: Zoom F8, Sennheiser MKH416 shotgun microphone, I bring a backup mic and run a backup recording on a separate device.
  • I wear a mask inside and provide sterilized wired headphones for guest phone (I also carry a lighting adapter).
  • $50 for each additional hour billed after the first 5 minutes, based on the conclusion of the call.
  • No travel charge within the immediate DC area
  • Cancellations within 24 hours the minimum charge will apply.
  • Recordings will be sent within the hour via WeTransfer.com which hosts them for 7 days, I tend to hold onto backups longer but only guarantee 7 days.

Past Work

The following examples are to show the breadth and complexity of my work: tape syncs are not complicated in ideal conditions – it’s knowing how to prepare for and mitigate unusual conditions that separates good tape from great tape.

A thoroughly labelled recorder

I had a tape sync with Congressman John Larson for Without; I was informed a few hours before they’d have to take the phone call “on the run” which would normally mean a cancellation for me and an iPhone voice memo at best for the producer – so I offered a rental. I won’t downplay the importance of giving verbal instructions to the staffer who was with him, “He sounds great! Kudos to you for finding a pro solution, Andrew. This was without a doubt  some of the best problem solving I’ve seen among the dozens of tape syncers I’ve worked with over the years. Thank you for being so professional about your work. If I need anything else in DC I know who to call, and who to recommend.”

I recorded the following interview with General Mark Milley in The Pentagon for The Eurasia Foundation’s podcast, and provided video services as well, in this case wireless lavalier microphones were the best option for video.

I was asked to record a violin recital, interview and photograph for VPM, Richmond’s NPR affiliate. I used a large diaphragm MXL microphone for the recital, Sennheiser MKH 416 and for the interview.

Brown Advisory has been a long-time client of mine. I started remote producing their NOW Podcast which is produced by Tortoise Media, and I lead the technical production of their CIO Roundtable podcast: this involves setting up USB microphones and an independent recording app with each participant, trying to best position and isolate them in their space, sync it all together, apply noise reduction, EQ and compression where necessary and upload to Descript where their editorial and regulatory compliance team finishes the edit.